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Our service includes pumps, tanks and irrigation maintenance in KeriKeri

Irrigation maintenance on tanks in Waipapa
bailey tanks
Servicing the needs of farming, commercial and domestic clients in Kerikeri and surrounds, Gibson’s Irrigation Pumps and Machinery's services range from designing drainage systems to ensuring farms have proper irrigation. Our team with over 50 years of experience, can assess your situation and provide a truly customised solution for your business or domestic home.

Irrigation maintenance and service

If you have an irrigation system for your farm or other type of property, it is important that this is functioning exactly as it should. Once these systems are in place, they still require regular service and maintenance from experts such as ourselves. Speak with our team today and we can provide you with the support that you need.


If it's tanks in Kerikeri, Gibson’s Irrigation Pumps and Machinery are your go-to guys. We have tanks of all sizes and all purposes, from storage of drinking water to other uses. Our tanks come in a range of materials, all high quality and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. All tanks have a 20yr guarantee. Speak to us today and we can help find you the suitable tank for your requirements.


We have a wide range of products for sale. These include:
  • Grundfos Pumps
  • Baileys Tanks
  • Bailey BAZOOKA Culvert Pipe (Great pricing)
  • Hansen Products
  • Water filters, lamps & UV systems
  • V belts
  • Assorted hosings
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Stainless steel nuts & bolts
  • Effluent pipe & fittings
  • PVC Pipe & fittings
  • Metric medium density pipe & fittings
And much more...
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